Sunday, December 27, 2009

Call for Questions

   One of the intentions of this blog is to address questions for those that are engaged in studying Kant.  Please send your questions regarding Kant to and I will do my best to address your questions.  The following sorts of questions are most appropriate:

1) Detailed interpretations of text
   Sometimes it is hard to understand a passage because one doesn't know what is at stake, or because a term is being used in a new way.  If there is a section or passage that is causing difficulty tell me where it is and I will set to work elucidating the text.

2) Arguments against Kant
   Send in your complaints regarding Kant's work and I will address the solution that Kant presents.  The intention for these is not to protect Kant, but to find in the arguments against Kant the points in which such a counter example first comes to be. 

3) Questions regarding Kant's terminology
   Sometimes it is hard to know how a term is being used and not clear that a definition has been given.  Ask about a term Kant employs and I will attempt to clarify its usage, and if there are multiple over his corpus that I am aware of I will address them as well.

4) Kant applied to realms that Kant did not address
   If you are working on something that you want to know the Kantian perspective on I will either show you where he addressed it, or if this is not available then how one would begin to address the problem from the perspective of transcendental philosophy.

5) Submit an post you would like me to put up
   If you would like to share some scholarship on Kant please feel welcome in submitting it to me and I will review it and give you feedback which you can use to update your post if you wish before I put it up.

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